Ready? Set, Grow.

Assessing Your Company's Growth-Readiness

Congratulations, your business is growing.

That’s going to allow you to make a bigger impact for your people, industry, and community.

But if you're like most CEOs at this stage, you're also dealing with growing pains. Tenured folks who did great when the company was smaller start to struggle, and tension arises between "old guard" and new.

Believe it or not, these are good problems! They're leading indicators, and they give you a chance to tackle issues before they turn in to full-blown threats to your business.

You want to:

  • Implement a clear vision that unites and inspires; your senior team gets the vision and makes great decisions,
  • Align your people with the growth strategy: people who understand where the business is going and how they contribute,
  • Embed and sustain the culture to reinforce it all; a way to maintain visibility to it all without getting buried.

Maybe you've already done parts of this work. You may even have a 'Head of People and Culture' on board, but...


If you're experiencing growing pains, it means something isn't working.

What you need is the objective perspective —that's hard to get when you're immersed in the business.

The Growth-Readiness Assessment

The first step in determining your company's true cultural readiness for growth.

The GRA is a comprehensive, facilitator-led series of conversations with all levels across the organization. It focuses on the research-based components of sustainable growth and the extent to which they're currently embedded in your culture.

Basically, you'll learn if your people and culture are truly growth-ready.

Your results will also enable you to:
  • Prevent growing pains from derailing your growth strategy

  • Plan for the aspects of culture that need to evolve, as well as those to protect

  • Build a scaleable company with and through your people

It will never be easier to solve your people and culture challenges than it is today.

Don't Go It Alone

You've got 1000 emails, 165 texts, 98 Slack messages, 67 key initiatives, an upcoming flight in an alread jammed schedule, and a Board meeting around the corner.

The last thing you need is another item on the to-do list.

You need a partner who's been where you’re going to cut through the noise and help your team focus on the few things that make the biggest impact.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent nearly twenty years supporting Founders, CEOs, and senior teams of award-winning, high-growth companies - both pre and post IPO/acquisition. Through it, I’ve learned that culture is the single most powerful enabler of organizational effectiveness.

And it's particularly influential during growth-mode.

It’s the foundational element that provides stability when everything is in flux and as the company evolves. It gives people something known to rely on when everything else is changing.

I can show you how to take the first step.


Let’s make growth happen through your people.
Not to your people.